sensory deprivation


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these collections have evolved slowly over the last decade, to the point where the print has become a companion to this electronic edition.

these volumes would not have been possible without the unwavering support of Anita MacFarlane, Dom Lopes, Kristen Lopes and Sara Stainton. thanks also to Daniel f. Bradley, jwcurry, brian david johnson, Dom Lopes, David UU, Darren Wershler-Henry and Alana Wilcox for support and insights over the years.

many of these pieces have been previously published, in various forms & states of completeness. thanks to the editors and publishers of: Courier (housepress), Curvd H&z, dbqp (USA), fillingStation, fingerprinting inkoperated, HUNGry zipper, Industrial Sabotage, Ink Magazine, The Last Word (Insomniac Press), Lost and Found Times (USA), Mail Art Show/Visual Poetry (Republic of Georgia), MindWare/Berkeley Horse, The Mouth (Italy), Nietzsche's Brolly, Offerta Speciale (Italy), Open Letter, Oversion, Pangen Subway Ritual, Push Machinery, Queen Street Quarterly, Room 302 Books, Score (USA), Shit Diary, SinOverTan, The Toronto Review, Torque, Utopic Furnace Press, West Coast Line.